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Being Different
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A little bit about rejecting the teenager status quo...

A few years ago, I tried to fit into several different social groups, from Goth to prep.  I adjusted my whole life to fit each category I tried, but each time, I ended up feeling empty and like a big fat phony.  Finally, I realized that categories are for file cabinets, not for people.
Nowadays, I'm not your typical teenage girl, and I happen to be quite proud about it. I wear what I want.  If I feel like wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day of the week, I go for it.  If I feel like spicing it up and wearing a long, swishy skirt one day, I do.  I carry my lucky stuffed otter around school on days when I have a math test.  I never go on Myspace and only use my Facebook account to connect with friends who have moved far away.  I hate all reality shows, especially American Idol, and I think MTV is a complete waste of time.  My cell phone does not have a camera, Internet, or any other unnecessary money-waster.  I cannot stand text messaging, and I am always extremely under my minutes on my phone bill every month.  My two best friends live in Amsterdam and Jakarta.  I have a strawberry plant called George who I talk to every day.  I am an eclectic solitary Wiccan and sport my pentacle, Stonehenge charm, and/or crystal with pride.  I have no shame in admitting that I play Dungeons and Dragons.  My half-elf bard is truly amazing—the balance of good and evil in the whole world depends upon me (in our campaign at least).  I have no desire to be popular or hang out with the “coolest” girls, chatting about makeup, which boy band is cuter, or whatever they giggle about while painting their toenails.  Instead, I hang out with a bunch of guys, watching movies, goofing off, and going to Waffle House every single weekend, or I just hang out with myself, meditating on a rock in the middle of a creek.  If I feel like someone’s treating me or anyone I care about unfairly, you bet I am going to speak up, no matter how embarrassing or against the status quo it may be.
It's challenging at times, and sometimes I'm just so tempted by how easy it would be to don an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and re-join the masses, but then I realize that I would be giving up my very soul.  I challenge every other teenager out there to be different and challenge these social "rules" we find ourselves feeling obligated to adhere to.  Don't fit it.  Be different.

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Blessed Be!