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Tips on finding the right name to fit your spirit...

Now if you are like me, you have deliberated for years about what you want your craft name to be.  I'm sure all of you have run across Lady Pixie Moondrip's Guide to Craft Names (and if you haven't, google it- it's quite a laugh).  To take a more serious approach, though, I have a few tips.  I call this the Brain Dump Method, and it's how I found my name.
Think about what you love.  What aspects of nature just fit you?  Do you have a favorite tree, stone, animal, flower, etc.?  Do you love a particular type of weather?  Is there a particular god, goddess, or other mythological figure that just resonates with you?  Brainstorm a list of things like these.  Don't even think yet of making them into a name.  Just get as long a list of preferably one-word pagan-related things you love as you can on paper.
Next, look over your list.  See if you can pair up things on there that just sound right together.  Combine two into one word if you need to, or fool around with spelling.  Just work with this list until you've fit together a name that fits you. 
Voila, you have a craft name that's perfectly tailored to your unique soul!

Everything here is copyright of Aquamaryne Autumrose! Please email to ask permission to borrow!

Blessed Be!