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Aquamaryne Autumnrose's Book of Shadows

Spells and Rituals

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Spells and Rituals
Tips for Teenage Witches

Here are all of the spells I've written.  I hope they work for you!  Blessed be!


Blessing for a Loved One
Chant this while looking at a picture of the loved one you wish to bless.
When (name) lies upon his/her bed,
Let the moon's blessings rain upon his/her head.
When daylight falls upon his/her brow,
The sun fills him/her with blessings now.
At any time, day or night,
Or if he/she is in a plight,
Let this spell manifest
And bless his/her heart beating in his/her chest
Blessing a New Pentacle Necklace
Take your new pentacle neclace with you on a walk in the nearest forest that contains a stream, brook, or other small waterway.  Walk for a while silently observing every little thing in the forest.  If you find something interesting, stop and observe further.  Take your time and relax.  Just concentrate on what is around you, and don't think about your outside life.  When you feel like you are finished, find a comfortable place to sit on the bank of the waterway.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Begin to meditate on the Goddess and God and all the ways they affect you.  Expand your meditation to the elements and how they are present, both literally and symbolically, in your life.  When you are finished, dangle the pentacle in the stream and chant:
"Symbol of Goddess and God,
Icon of the elements,
Guide me and remind me
Of their presence in my life."
Chant this until you feel like you're done.  Then take the pentacle out of the water and fasten it around your neck.  Dip your finger in the water and trace an equal-armed cross on your forehead with it.  Finish up with a whispered "Blessed be."
Love Magnet Spell
To set up for this spell, place upon your altar a small magnet or magnetic stone, a small piece of rose quartz, a square of red cloth, and a red ribbon.  Light a few red candles to help get the energies flowing if you so desire.
Meditate and breathe deeply for a few minutes until you feel calm and peaceful.  Then hold the rose quartz in your projective (writing) hand and the magnet in your receptive hand.  Close your eyes and visualize red and pink energy flowing out of you through the rose quartz into the world and returning to you through the magnet.  Say:
"All things return, three times three,
The love I send out returns to me.
Venus, aid me to send out more love
And return it threefold with the help of above."
Place the rose quartz and magnet atop the red cloth and fold the corners in to form a small pouch.  Keep it under your pillow or somewhere where it will remind you of your goal to amplify your love.
Help Me Diet Spell
  Gather a piece of clear or smoky quartz, a piece of some fattening food that you cannot seem to give up (chocolate pour moi), a couple pieces of paper, a red pen, a white candle, and some white string.  If you would like, have some soothing, mystical New Age music in the background.
Light the white candle.  Stare into the flame for a minute or two to center your mind and relax.  Try to clear your mind as best you can of everything but what you are doing now.  Once you are ready, outline a basic diet plan on one of the pieces of paper with the red pen.  Include how often you will exercise and what you will do, how much you will eat and what you will eat, and anything else you think you might need.  Make sure you aren't starving yourself.  Be sure to include ways to still get all of the necessary nutrients from the food you will eat.  Now go and put this on your refrigerator, on the back of your bedroom door, on your bathroom mirror, or anywhere else that you will see often and take note of.  Return to the candle and stare into the flame once again to refocus yourself and think about what you have just written.  Once you are back in the right frame of mind, on another piece of paper, draw a sketch of how you would like to look when your diet is successful.  Above it, write out the following words:
"Goddess and God, in your presence and by your love I, (your magickal name), swear to stick to this plan and become healthy and fit.  Please allow me to steer clear of temptations and have the willpower to stick to my plan, for I know it will be worth it in the end."
After you write these words, say them out loud while staring into the candle.  Don't just mumble.  Speak them with firmness and dedication.  You ARE going to do this.  When finished, fold the paper as small as you can and tie it to the quartz with the white string.  Have this talisman with you as you eat and exercise to remind you of your goals.  For now, place this on your altar.  Then move on to the piece of whatever food tempts you the most.  Pick it up and say forcefully:
"(food), you have no control over me.  I can resist you, and I will!  I don't need you anymore.  I won't crave you anymore.  Goddess and God, aid me in resisting the temptation of this (food)."
Then go outside and bury the piece of food.  When finished, stomp on the dirt three times.  Return to your candle, stare into the flame for a few minutes and meditate on the entire ritual you just performed.  Keep picturing the results of this diet as you think positive thoughts.  When you are ready, snuff out the candle (don't blow!) and say:
"With harm to none, especially me, by Goddess and God, so mote it be!"
Wiccan Self Dedication
Gather your favorite color of candle, some holy water (or just plain water if you don't have any leftover holy water on hand), some salt, a pendant that represents Wicca to you (doesn't necessarily have to be a pentacle-- I use a necklace I got at Stonehenge), and some incence, a feather, or some other representation of air.  (I don't like incense because it makes me sniffly, but use whatever feels right.)  Play some New Age music in the background that puts you in a magickal frame of mind but that you can also dance to.
Perform skyclad and remove everything, including jewelry.  Perform this right after a bath or shower.  Place your items on the altar, with each elemental representation placed toward it's corresponding direction.  Light your candle and incense if you have it and cast a circle.
Sit before your altar and meditate for a few minutes, placing a pinch of salt on your tongue to ground yourself.  When ready, take your pendant and hold it up to the sky.  Then wave it through the incense or over your air representation, through your candle flame, sprinkle it with water, and sprinkle it with salt.  Say:
"With the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses, I consecrate this pendent with the elements.  It is now a sacred reminder of my Wiccan path that I walk in perfect love and perfect trust."
Place the pendant around your neck and feel the energy coursing through you for a few minutes.  Picture yourself glowing with light.  Once you are filled with energy, get up and begin to dance around your altar.  It doesn't matter how crazily you dance.  No one's going to see you but the God and Goddess, and they don't mind.  Dance until you are too tired to dance any more and then collapse in front of your altar.  Rest a moment, catch your breath, and then say:
"Goddess and God, I am dedicated to my path.  I will uphold the words of the Wiccan Rede and honor You in everything I do.  So mote it be!"
Under the Weather Spell
If you feel like you have a cold, gather up the following: a brand new box of the softest, fanciest tissues you can find- 3 ply, aloe, the works!  Also grab a steaming-hot cup of your favorite tea (hot cocoa works too), a big, soft blanket or comforter,  a white or light blue candle, and a quartz crystal.
Place your items on your bedside table and sit on your bed wrapped in your comforter.  Light your candle and place both hands over your hot drink.  Stare into the candle flame and say:
"Heal me, help me, fill me with warmth."
Take a long sip of your drink and continue to sip it as you perform the rest of the spell.  Now take your tissues and hold them in your hands, staring into the candle flame and saying:
"Mother Goddess, healing lady,
Come to me now and share your love.
Tuck me in just like a baby,
And send healing light straight from above."
Now open the box of tissues and place them by your bed to be used as needed.  Hold your quartz between both palms and will all the sickness in your body out into the quartz.  Place it under your pillow.  Snuff out your candle (don't blow!) and curl up in bed after you finish your drink.  Get some rest!

Everything here is copyright of Aquamaryne Autumrose! Please email to ask permission to borrow!

Blessed Be!