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Aquamaryne Autumnrose's Book of Shadows
Links to Other Good Wiccan Sites
Instant Karma!!
Natural Beauty
Craft Names
Being Different
Spells and Rituals
Tips for Teenage Witches

Here are some sites that  I like!  I hope you enjoy them too!

This site is basically THE Pagan site!
This is the site I first referenced when I first became a Wiccan back when I was 12.  There's plenty of good info on here for teens!
If anybody hasn't read ohmygods comics yet, you should get your butt over there RIGHT NOW!!!!!  Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
This site has great click-to-donate buttons (free), petitions, tips, polls, and even a social networking area.  Think of it as a pimped-out myspace that actually helps save the world!
This is a great free click-to-donate site, and the button below lets you donate directly from here!
ripple Give Money Give
                                    Education Give Food Give Water
More coming soon....

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Blessed Be!