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Aquamaryne Autumnrose's Book of Shadows

Tips for Teenage Witches

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Tips for Teenage Witches

Just a few tips from a fellow teenage witch!


Dealing with Parents
If you have your license and a vehicle, you are nearly free of the issue of parents (unless, of course, they raid your room or something), but if you aren't (like me), you might run into a few problems trying to express your pagan identity.  I hope my tips help!
OK... So your parents find out.  There are basically 3 scenarios:
Best case- Your parents say, "That's cool."  If you are super lucky they will arange the transport, supplies, time, and space you need.  I am not lucky, sad to say.
Middle case- Your parents are a bit iffy about it.  They could have a few bad thoughts, but are generally reserving judgement until they learn more about it.  This is how my dad is.  My hypothesis is that this could turn into a best case scenario if they are provided with the right information, but I'd advise not to bombard them.  Just find an opportunity to talk to them calmly and like an adult.
Worst case- This is how my 'rents are.  You get the basic spiel about how Jesus (or God, Allah, etc.) wouldn't want you to do this and how it is affiliated with Satan.  You know that this is a bunch of bull, but they probably won't be persuaded.  What I'm doing until I come of age is downsizing my ritual tools and practising in a secluded place.  You don't have to have elaborate tools.  I make do with an altar pentacle I made out of pipe cleaners!  I also pretend to be really attached to the Christian faith to dispell all suspision.  Remember, though, that if you get caught in lies and deceit, that's just going to further damage your parent's perception of Wicca.  That's why I stopped lying about it and just came right out and said, "Mom, this is what I believe in, and you won't change my mind."  Surprisingly, she's left me alone about it almost completely!  I mean, she still hates it, but at least she hates it quietly!  I know it's hard, but just stick it out and you will eventually reach the age that you can be free of religious intolerance from parental units.  If you have the suspicion that they may be just a tiny bit more open-minded than you originally thought, you can always gather a lot of objective information on Wicca and try and talk to them about it like a mature adult.  Good luck!
Here's a good link with some info about Wicca for parents:

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